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Minced Meat 250g


This minced meat is suitable for many types of dishes, appetizers, soups and main courses. It is ideal for preparing both typical Bulgarian dishes - fried meatballs, various types of meatballs with sauce, moussaka, stuffed peppers and meatloaf, and other dishes such as spaghetti, lasagne and more.
Net weight: 250 gr.
Manufacturer: Naroden - Bella, Bulgaria

Note: This is a frozen product. We make every effort to get this to you in the best possible way. This is why we may, in some cases, exclude frozen items from your order, depending on your destination address or contact you to arrange alternative delivery options and faster shipping. However, there is still a chance due to delay or handling in the mail for frozen items to arrive not in the form that you expect. By purchasing this item you agree that you agree with this.

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